Certification in Cybersecurity (CC) Training

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What you'll learn?

  1. Gain the knowledge for entry-level IT, Cyber Security, roles, and job interviews.
  2. Prepare for in-demand Cyber Security entry-level certifications like Certified in Cybersecurity (CC), CSX-P, or ITCA.
  3. Get started or take your Cyber Security career to the next level! Get the tools to start or grow your Cyber Security career.
  4. Understand and be able to explain: Security Principle, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Incident Response Concepts.
  5. Understand and be able to explain: Access Controls Concepts, Network Security, Security Operations, and much more.
  6. Understand and be able to explain: The CIA triad, IAAA, Risk Management, Organizational/IT/Cyber Security Governance.
  7. Understand and be able to explain: Physical/logical access control, Disaster planning/recovery, Cryptography, Network Security, Malware, and much more.
  8. Understand and be able to explain: Cyber Security, Information, and IT Security.


  • An eagerness to delve into the fundamentals of Cyber Security.
  • An aspiration to succeed in the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) examination.

Course Description:

Dive into the dynamic realm of Cyber Security with our comprehensive training program tailored for those new to the field. Whether you're exploring the nuances of digital protection or considering a full-fledged career transition into IT and Cyber Security, this course provides the foundational knowledge and skills required.
From understanding core principles of security to the strategies businesses employ for continuity, this course covers a broad spectrum of topics to ensure a well-rounded understanding. Learn about the intricacies of network safety, incident handling, risk navigation, and so much more.
Additionally, for those eyeing the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) credential, this course doubles as a robust preparatory platform, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle the examination with confidence.
Coupled with real-world examples, interactive sessions, and expert-led guidance, this course promises not only knowledge but also the means to apply it effectively in real-world scenarios. So whether you're satiating pure curiosity or setting the stage for a transformative career, this course is your stepping stone to the expansive world of Cyber Security.

Your Instructor

Mohamed Atef
Mohamed Atef

Dr. Mohamed Atef is a distinguished Cybersecurity Consultant and Certified Instructor, boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades of hands-on experience orchestrating and overseeing impactful Cybersecurity projects. His expertise extends across a spectrum of pivotal domains, including:

  • ISMS Implementation
  • CS Standards / Compliance
  • Security Operation Center
  • Penetration Testing
  • CS Enterprise Technical Solutions

With an impressive track record, Dr. Atef has authored three books on cybersecurity and has garnered acclaim as the creator of 14 best-selling online courses. His passion for cybersecurity education shines through in his engaging and informative teaching style, making complex concepts accessible to learners of all levels.

Professional Experience

Course Curriculum

  Security and Risk Management
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