How to become affiliate?

Send an email to [email protected]

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue generated from any sale that is a result of their promotion. In the case of subscription courses, affiliates will receive a percentage of each payment, not just the first.

How does affiliate attribution work?

Each affiliate has a unique Affiliate Code, this code is added to the web link of the affiliate coupon, any purchase the user makes through the link with the code will be attributed to you, and you will receive the set of commission of the sales price.

How can I follow up my sales?

  • Once the owner set your affiliation account, a new Affiliate button will appear on your school home page after you logged in.
  • On the Affiliate home page, you will find your dashboard with all your sales information.

How to set up my PayPal account?

On the left menu from the affiliate homepage click on payout details, then enter your PayPal information

When will I be paid out?

You’ll be paid out via PayPal on the first business day of each month, with a one-month delay to allow for student refund requests. For example, earnings from all purchases made between March 1-31 will be paid out to you in May.